about us

Who we are?

We are a group of Computer Science students from the University of Rochester who are passionate about language learning. Our goal is to foster goodwill between cultures by helping people to learn more languages and communicate!

Fred is a Computer Science and Political Science double major. For the purpose of this project, Fred will be taking care of the backend and frontend development of Prevesti. This means that he will be in charge of creating the server for Prevesti which comes with being responsible for the API, database, and overall logic to ensure everything is running correctly. Fred will be using Python as his primary language for the backend.
Fiona is a Computer Science and Digital Media Studies double major. For the purpose of this project, Fiona will help to gather user research as well as design the UX/UI for Prevesti. The user research will entail creating an affinity map, making surveys, conducting user interviews, among other things. This will help influence how she helps to develop the prototypes of varied fidelity.
Tasheem is a Digital Media Studies major. Like Fiona, for the purpose of Prevesti, Tasheem will share the responsibility of doing user research and creating the UX/UI in our prototypes, especially when it comes to the mid and high fidelity versions.
Nadine is a Computer Science major. For the purpose of this project, Nadine will be responsible for transcribing the prototypes constructed by Tash and Fiona, namely the high-fidelity version, into a working prototype (aesthetics and functionality). Nadine will also play a part when it comes to conducting user interviews for the paper prototype.