Our Goal

We will first address the prototyping phase in the form of sketches. This will allow us to map out what our user interface needs and illustrate our products functionality. Furthermore, it will act as a starting point for next prototype iterations. Our product’s goal is to both teach and translate languages through a picture and by voice. As such, there will need to be a place where the user can upload an image of the text they intend to translate. They also will need to specify what language is contained in the image and what language they want to translate to. Following that, the user will be met with a screen that contains the translated text and an option to hear the correct pronunciation with the ability to upload their own vocals to be compared. Keeping these sketches in mind along with the fact that Prevesti is a web application, we have a great model to base our paper prototype on. Our paper prototype will be composed of three sheets of paper with buttons stuck on it to symbolize three different web pages. We will also have a fake phone built using paper to symbolize the device where the photo of the targeted text will be taken and uploaded. Upon uploading the picture, the first page of the paper prototype will shift to the second page as a sign of “upload success, translating”. Then it will proceed to the third page with the translated text and its audio as outputs and show other functions such as the pronunciation checker.

Wireframe Prototype

Paper Prototype